100_1126Here is the thing about jogging. You never look up. You look ahead or you look at the floor. You never look up.

A few days ago I set out for my afternoon jog when I suddenly felt a swoosh! near my neck; quickly followed by a squawk! It happened twice more before I realized that birds were attacking me.

I was mildly amused until the next day, when I jogged past the same area. The same freaking birds attacked me. I ran as fast as I could, half bewildered, half terrified by the darned birds.

I spoke to my husband and he told me the crows were probably protecting a nearby nest and that I should, “toughen up”. Well, when I set out yesterday, I decided I would run looking up and behind me in the danger zone and not allow these birds to deter me from my run.

That’s a laugh. A crow hovered behind me and squawked loudly with a furious flap of his wings right at the nape of my neck. It was horrible. I screamed and ran as fast as I could back toward my house.

An elderly woman pushing a baby carriage laughed as I ran past her. I warned her to stay clear of that path. She paid no mind and pushed her grandson through the danger zone. She cleared the path, unperturbed.

 I wish her no harm, but, what’s the deal? Why did those crows ignore her?

I revisited the site today with my husband. Well protected inside our car, I observed him in his work clothes re-enact my jog. It was funny. Within seconds the crows screeched their battle-cry and came after him with a vengeance.

I am currently reconsidering my running path and that’s a shame. Part of the pleasure of jogging is to see nature unfold itself as you run past.

Does anyone know how long it takes crows to hatch their eggs? 


April 20, 2009