Maya Skye. That’s one of our twins. Possibly, one of the most complex, 6 year old girls ever to walk the planet earth.


At issue: is it lying if she technically, and partially, tells some of the truth; but does not disclose all of the truth?


This was our parenting dilemma: Today Maya staunchly denied hitting her 3 year old brother. After a major — in fact, epic, dressing down by Blas, she quietly admitted to pulling and pinching, NOT hitting her brother. She stammered the truth and made an elegant defense of the technicality.


We instructed her that pulling, pinching, biting, and pushing falls under the category of hitting. So, when asked whether she “hit” her brother, she should have said: “I didn’t hit him but I did hurt him when I pulled and pinched him.”


Maya was grounded for the rest of the night. She fell asleep with a tear stained face and a frown.


Blue skies ahead, we hope.


April 22, 2009