I was recently asked to write an article about a Miami burlesque troupe. After high stake negotiations, I persuaded my husband to join me at a night club where they were set to perform. He grudgingly obliged and offered to do the photography.

Ignoring the incidentals –his not knowing how to operate a professional camera; the setting and risqué subject — he willingly tagged along for the assignment.

During the evening I didn’t spend much time with him. I was busy interviewing the girls and watching the performance. But, from afar, I could feel his enthusiasm. He was true to his new métier and faithfully embraced the role of the photographer.

And the girls, well, they adored him.

It was extremely amusing to see Blas live out what I am sure was a fantasy. He had performers, in varying states of undress, modeling for him. Fortunately for him, the girls were blissfully unaware of his ineptitude as a photographer. Repeatedly they posed, oblivious of his gaffes. 

Here are some photographs my husband managed to snag on our night out. I’ve deleted the rest.     







September 24, 2009


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