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A treatise on why wives carefully repeat instructions to wayward husbands. (Some men refer to this habit as “nagging” but I prefer to use the term, repetitive re-direction.)

Case in point: We buy new outfits for school pictures twice a year, fall and spring. The clothes for fall are holiday inspired as are the spring outfits. This time around I was unable to shop so I asked my considerate husband, B, to purchase the clothes for our four year old son’s fall pictures. All was well, he did the shopping – a heroic feat to go to any mall with three children, clearly he was outnumbered.

Later, my beaming husband stood by as my son proudly showed me his new clothes. I expected khakis, a sweater vest, penny loafers, a long sleeved shirt and argyle socks, our traditional holiday attire.  Instead, I got ripped rhinestone biker shirts, acid wash jeans with a cowboy buckle, and converse sneakers.

Basically, a mini Jesse James sans the chopper.

It should be noted for the record that for every holiday picture Maya and Sophie have taken, B has had the final say on their attire. His little girls can’t be anything short of flawless, with perfectly coiffed hair (sometimes he even blows out their hair!), lovely dresses and shiny shoes.

What in the world was he (not) thinking?

This year, our holiday pictures will include superstar chick magnet Ryder sitting on faux snow, before a warm and cozy fireplace.  An unforgettable picture perfect portrait for the holiday season.

Perhaps Blas (and Ryder) would have benefitted from a written directive.

Here’s a preview.


October 7, 2009