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It is possible Maya is channeling my late grandmother, Marie Alba, the greatest unknown economist that ever lived.

Upon learning her sister Sophie lost her first tooth, Maya elegantly negotiated several economic constructs, based on theories of supply and demand and fair trade. Furthermore, she assumed her trade agreement would be sanctioned in our laissez faire home.

Maya’s idea is based on the concept that if the tooth fairy leaves money under Sophie’s pillow, perhaps she can persuade Sophie to consider an equitable trade. She says, “If Sophie doesn’t mind, I can give her candy for her money. That is a fair trade but you can’t get mad. Do you agree?”

Poor Sophie. She’s about to get hoodwinked a dollar for a piece of chocolate in this free market.

We still haven’t decided whether to pull a page out of President Obama’s play book and regulate this business transaction, or, allow this free marketplace to play itself out.

I am leaning toward leaving a piece of candy.

October 28, 2009