I am not a facial hair fan. But here I am, wedded to a man who has suddenly grown a beard. Quite unexpectedly, I find myself in a love/hate relationship with it. 

There is something both alluring and unruly about this managed hair growth on his face. It feels as though I am dating someone completely new. His unilateral decision to grow it has unsettled the status quo in our home. I am very tempted to go AWOL and cut off my historically long hair.

Oddly, my husband appears to be empowered by this salt and pepper beard. Apparently I am married to an entirely new person. My daughters and I are bewildered by him. My son’s interest has not been piqued by the new bearded man amongst us.

Admittedly, I will miss this man when my clean shaven husband returns.

November 16, 2009.