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Below is an excerpt from a conversation I had with my nephew a day after his fifth birthday. I have two nieces and two nephews. I could go on and on about how there are no children on earth like them and will never be, but you wouldn’t understand what that means without knowing them. Truly knowing them.

I love this conversation because in it Lukie tells the truth. He doesn’t care if it’s not polite. He just doesn’t care. He wants a boy cousin and he is unashamed of his desire. He is five and a boy and he wants a boy cousin to play with.

Plain and simple, truthful and honest.

Me: Lukie, come see my belly that has your little cousin inside.

L: Is it a boy or a girl? (while running toward me)

Me: We don’t know yet.

L: I want it to be a boy.

Me: I know, we’ll find out soon.

L: Let me know if it’s a boy (while walking away).

Me: What? You’re not interested in your baby cousin if it’s a girl?

L: Nope, not really.

And there you have it. Honesty.    

November 30, 2009