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I just want to take a moment to thank the Florida DMV for making my 2 visits, yes! 2 visits, surprisingly tolerable and informative this week. I highly recommend making an appointment in advance. Given the agonizingly long waits of the past, I have to applaud the DMV for the efficiency of the offices I visited — Coral Gables and Miami location. I was able to resolve my license renewal and my mother’s Florida ID matter within 30 minutes of arrival.

In fact, I sat down to wait for both appointments with a book in hand, prepared to wait it out for several hours. Within minutes, after staring at a large computer screen that posted inscrutable numbers in no apparent sequence, my number was called. Oh the fortunes! After making it past the surly Gestapo receptionist – which appears to be a character trait used to screen potential receptionists — the staff was both professional and expedient.

Then I was given the bad news. I failed the eye exam. What?! I was dismayed. I was told I have presbyopia and will soon need bifocals. I asked her if she was sure. After all, I could see the letters from left to right on line 5 without skipping a beat. The clerk pointed out a whole vertical column of letters I completely did NOT see! After a few more attempts (which included closing one eye) I finally saw what she was talking about. Oh, those letters in font size 24! Yes, those letters.

The bored clerk renewed my license. I got it within record time and I left. My book left unopened in my purse.

So it appears one can now schedule a visit to the optometrist along with a license renewal. It is great to see our tax dollars at work!

Perhaps I can schedule my husband’s urologist appointment with his passport renewal. I’m certain both visits will be equally pleasant.

December 9, 2009