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“May I suggest a pore minimizer?” the girl behind the counter said as I prepared to pay for my lip gloss. “A what?” I said, looking around to see if she was speaking to someone else.  It turns out that while I was trying to figure out what lip gloss to buy, the lady behind the Clinique counter was analyzing my skin.

According to the beautician, my skin is beginning to show signs of wear and tear. I immediately checked myself in the unflattering mirror and confirmed each defect she pointed out. “Not to worry, though,” she calmly reassured, “Some of the damage can be repaired.” I felt such relief, I listened to this expert with rapt attention.

Apparently I desperately need a pore minimizer, eye cream, moisturizer and  if all else fails, Botox, to smooth out the lines between the eyes.

I suffered a crushing blow to my ego as I walked out of there with more products than I’ll ever use. All along I thought I could spot a sales pitch from a mile away. I guess not so much when it comes to my face.

December 8, 2009