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Preparations for the holiday getaway are frantically underway. It amazes me how meticulously I can pack for my 3 children and how miserably inept my own packing can be.

I am heading north into the snow for a few days this year and I am certain I will forget something crucially important such as socks, gloves or boots. For instance, our last ski trip was highlighted by a frenzied Christmas Eve visit to Walmart. Turns out I had neglected to pack undergarments.

I must not forget anything. Namely, I must not forget anything Blas might need. Otherwise, after a brief exchange of words, I will once again swear to never, ever pack anything for anyone other than the kids.

Fortunately, we all know these declarations are as permanent as our footprints in the snow. Plus, by next year, it is very likely I will have forgotten them.

December 22, 2009