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Today a young man reached into his back pocket to show me his ID. As he pulled his wallet from his pocket, several gold, tin foiled squares spilled on my desk and floor.  

Oh no! Is that what I think it is? Did he just drop CONDOMS!

Really? Right in front of me?

He did. And not only did he do it, but he did it to the one person in that entire room most ill-equipped to handle a socially awkward situation. The moment was quickly followed by a prickly silence between two very embarrassed people. Even my ears were burning.

Then, he recovered. Thank goodness because I was stuck to my seat, stifling my laugh, and unable to speak. He immediately apologized, frantically picked up his things and scurried away– his face nearly as bright as his orange shirt. I was left looking around for an eye-witness. Darn! Not a soul.

Well, that was entertaining. One thing is certain: Whatever his plans may be for this evening, he is abundantly (well) prepared.  

January 21, 2010