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“I guess this isn’t a medical appointment I would want to reschedule,” joked my father as we waited for his name to be called. I smiled. He’s right. After a 24 hour fast accompanied by a not-so-fun liquid laxative, the very last thing he wants to do is reschedule an appointment for the dreaded colonoscopy.

We sat and waited. And waited some more until 5 hours later, my mother’s name was called. As usual, my mother scheduled their procedures together. Through thick and thin, together they face everything – including their colonoscopies.

I waited while my parents recovered from their brief, drug induced sleep. Upon waking, the first thing each asked for was the other.

On the car ride home I was treated to a seemingly endless (and repetitive) description of what 1 gallon of liquid laxatives can do to a person. I thought the doctor had promised said they would be groggy and sleepy? No way. Those two were talking a mile a minute and comparing notes on unspeakable things I cannot bring myself to disclose.

Suffice to say, I am relieved the colonoscopies are over.  Later this week we get to visit the cardiologist for “stress tests.” I expect that visit will be equally entertaining.

Ah. The joys of mid-life and beyond.

January 25, 2010