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After much discussion regarding where to have our “Saturday night, just girls, no husbands or kids dinner,” I decided I would like to go back in time and visit the bar at the Marlin Hotel: Shabeen Cookshack.

Some of our most unforgettable moments happened at Shabeen. Though it no longer exists, we shared countless nights and spent tens of thousands of dollars in this fine establishment. It is the place where in our 20s, on any given night, you could find all four of us, if not one of us. It is the place where we sat and drank for hours and inexplicably, our tab was always just four dollars. It is a place where each one of us thought we fell in love at least once (or multiple times…sometimes all in one night.)

It’s the place where at some point, we each lost our wallets, keys, countless contact lenses, cell phones, ATM cards, and on even one particularly insane New Years Eve, a tooth. Most importantly, it is the place where on TWO separate occasions we each met and shared drinks with U2. Yes, a book should be written about our nights there.

This Saturday I would like to go back in time for just a few hours: just us four, sitting at a table with stools that are too small, drinking big blue drinks with plastic marlin stirrers floating in them, (discussing the possible ingredients of said big blue drink,) and excitedly predicting where life will take us when we are in our mid 30s.


January 27, 2010