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~4girlsblog interrupted by one guy’s post:

Excuse the interruption, but, today one fellow 4girls told my wife about a great movie we had to watch, “500 days of Summer.” Here is why guys don’t like to watch girl movies: who cares about emotions? Guys typically do not feel. We are driven by all the opposite instincts women feel. We see these movies because we know this is what we must do to satisfy our women. You want to know what this movie is really about? It’s about a cross dresser that looked like a man but was actually a woman. The guy acted like a (rhymes with witch) the entire movie.  He was spineless and it was painful to watch. Instead of “500 days of Summer,” it was “500 dog days of Summer.”

 95 minutes of frustration. Not a guy movie. I think I’ve said enough.

February 6, 2010