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I am 27 weeks pregnant and have what can only be described as an extraordinarily easy pregnancy. So, imagine my shock when all of a sudden my left leg started to hurt yesterday.  I didn’t panic at all…at first. 

After a few hours with an odd ache behind my left knee, I got home and lay down on the couch. By this point, mild panic had set in. The hypochondriac in me was certain I developed a blood clot that soon would dislodge itself and make its way straight to my brain. 

As soon as my husband got home I informed him, in a very grave voice, that we might need to go to the emergency room. First, however, I was going to take a bath and see if that made my pain go away. The rational part of my brain assumed it was just muscle ache. 

After my bath, I lay on the couch deciding if my leg hurt more, less, or exactly the same. After a few minutes I had an epiphany:  It’s a varicose vein! 

“I have a varicose vein!”  I yelled through the house to my very uninterested husband. I asked him to get a hand mirror to inspect the back of my knee.  After much effort twisting my pregnant body into a position where I could view the back of my knee, I gave up. I asked him to inspect it and after a few minutes of staring intently at my knee he said, “nope, no varicose vein, but, you do have what appears to be a bluish, ruptured blood vessel.”

I didn’t bother telling him that is exactly what a varicose vein looks like.


February 13, 2010