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As of late, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my book storage situation. Our garage has several stacked bins, filled with books I’ve read (and swiped from my 4girls!) and collected over the years. It drives me crazy that I don’t have them properly set in bookcases. My husband found an alternate and questionable purpose for the bookcases we have and as such, I’ve been stuck without proper storage for some time.

Here are some of the bookcases that struck my fancy:

Equation Bookshelf

The Equation bookshelf by Marcos Breder is interesting but doesn’t fit our needs or design style.

 Magnetique Shelf

The Magnetique Shelf by Nils Holger Moormann is a sheet of steel that is mounted on a wall, vertically or horizontally. The boxes attach to the sheet via a magnet. Definitely a conversation starter, suitable for a few books, but not for a large collection.

Sticklebook Invisible shelving system for books


The Sticklebook is visually interesting as it appears the books are suspended on the wall. The books attach to an aluminum strip with brackets which secure the books. I wonder if those brackets can rip book jackets and whether the books are easily accessible with this system. Regardless, it is a neat way to display books on a wall.

bookcase2 Interesting Bookcase

This bookshelf design works best with the number of books I have. The only drawback is that I can’t store my knickknacks along with my titles. When I see this system I think of wine and book storage combined. Sounds heavenly!

In my alternative life as a post-modernist, these bookshelves would look fantastic in my chic loft. These are part of the Human Furniture collection.


March 3, 2010