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As a Gen Ex member, I can’t say much about fashion comes as a surprise. I survived platform shoes, leggings, grunge, Goth, and daisy dukes unscathed. Thankfully I didn’t wear all of it at the same time, but, I more or less dabbled in some form or another in each trend.

So, the other night, in an unforeseen stroke of good luck, we were able to get a night out, sans famille. As mentioned in a prior post, we were in a fancy pants hotel in South Beach observing party goers make their way to and from the bar area.

I saw, while my husband respectfully gaped, 20-somethings and cougars strut their stuff in dresses with non-existent hemlines. Really? Where are the hemlines? It’s not a mini skirt or an ultra mini skirt – I think it is closer to a bandeau for the butt.

These women barely covered their bottoms (I use this term in lieu of another because someday my daughters will read these posts) and their private parts. One false move in their 6” stilettos could easily reveal everything.

We were amused as the women unconciously tugged and pulled their non-compliant hems. They all stood, knowing that if they sat, their dress would roll up like a paper scroll.  

For my benefit (and her own, I think) my friend matter-of-factly whispered most of those girls were liposuctioned and augmented. Surely they haven’t had kids yet, right?  I quickly agreed and sipped my drink.

Clearly we had over-dressed for the occasion.

March 23, 2010