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If I had the time, or more accurately, the talent to make things by hand, these are the types of things I would make:

Brand New Design--- ALICE IN WONDERLAND -EAT ME or DRINK ME-cupcake, party picks- DISTRESSED-party favors, set of 12

BRAND NEW- ALICE IN WONDERLAND -EAT ME and DRINK ME TAGS- your choice of ribbon- set of 22

Sadly, I’m short on time and talent. Nonetheless, determined to do these on my own, I found a site with downloadable label patterns. Apparently, all I had to do was print. Well, the whole thing eluded me and 45 minutes later, in the interest of time and patience, I rightly concluded some things are best left to others.

Thankfully I found http://www.pinkcherrymama.etsy.com and these perfect trinkets. She makes these neat handmade Alice in Wonderland inspired decorations that fit perfectly with my daughters’ birthday party theme.

Thank goodness for http://www.etsy.com!

April 8, 2010