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This morning my husband tried to scoot me away from the computer as I read crucially important emails (read: view weekend party images.) Since we share a computer and I felt agreeable (after all, I was only looking at images…), I did as I was told and opened up Netflix.

The truth is that we just became members 4 days ago. It’s very likely we might actually be the last two people in the United States that do not have a membership with said company. We are conscious of this but hey, it’s never too late.

It turns out Netflix suggests you build your profile by rating popular movies. This information helps them automatically suggest films that might be of interest. Well, I always like to voice an opinion (only the wisest among us keep those to themselves), so I was keen to rate the movies presented.

B remained quiet as I excitedly viewed the foreign and independent film titles. There were at least 5 movies I hadn’t seen! About 40 seconds later he reminded me this was a household affair.

I looked on as he rated Matrix, 300, Gladiator, Raging Bull (double sighed on that one), and good God, Lord of the Rings. He completed the selections and by all appearances, I’ve been shut out. I looked at him, he was quite satisfied.

Oh joy. It appears we will soon begin to receive a selection of Sci-fi & fantasy/action-adventure/animated (for the kids) films for our viewing pleasure. [Ok, I’ll admit it here and only once: some of the movies he likes, well, I like them too]

Ugh, but am I not a contributing member of this family?

Someone should launch chickflicks.com. I bet it would be a smashing success.

April 12, 2010