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Vintage Fairytale Personalized Bookplates

I can’t abide by Kindle, iPad book reader, and other electronic devices currently used for book reading and storage. In  my view, a trip to my favorite bookstore, skimming the shelves, feeling the book spine stiffly crack after its first opening … is irreplaceable. I’ve delightedly walked many aisles and lingered over known and unknown authors, completed my purchases and in my quiet time, read my books. Over the years, I’ve stored piles of books in bins, bookshelves and in stacks throughout my house. These faithful companions are in it for the long run. So am I.

It seems as though my children will also be book lovers, and although they will be less reluctant than I to move along with the times, I remain hopeful they will continue to develop a deep respect for the written word in its traditional book form.

Along those lines, I’ve been looking for vintage themed bookplates for our collection. Here are some I admire, courtesy of Etsy.com. Enjoy!

Bookplate - Personalized - Vintage Childrens - Come Play In the Garden
Custom Twined Grape Vines Ex Libris Bookplate add your name A16
Bookplate-Set of 12 Personalized - Woman in Chair
Bookplate - Personalized - LovelyLady-GreenCanvas
Bookplate - Personalized - Vintage design


 May 20, 2010