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Today’s was our son’s last day of pre-K. God help us.

The school organized a costume party for the “graduates” and he went as a cowboy. B meticulously set up his costume — and I really, really suspect B would have dressed himself up as well but, observant of his strict work dress code and cognizant of his age, decided to forego the idea.

In the fall our son will begin Kindergarten and while I wish to avoid all self-fulfilling prophesies, we are slightly nervous, to say the least. Our 4-year-old is headstrong, independent, and clever — but mostly, non-compliant. He We are working on this last trait.

This summer I plan to savor these last few months of Ryder’s “pre-school” status. I know he’s ready for Kindergarten. He’s got his backpack and lunchbox all picked out.

But me? No, I don’t think I’ll ever be ready.

June 9, 2010