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Piercing-3.jpg image by Placebindo666

Lately I’ve seen quite a large number of people, mostly girls, walking around with body piercings above their lips which look like futuristic Marilyn Monroe titanium moles. I’ve seen others with piercings around their navel, collar-bone and temple. I don’t know what to make of this latest fad.

Microdermal piercings are permanent titanium implants that, when removed, leave behind awful scars. They are anchored in the skin and can be placed almost anywhere.

What happened to the regular piercings of yesteryear? I remember how mortified I felt when at twentysomething, I cautiously traipsed through my parent’s living room, baring a navel ring.  I recall my father muttering something about “wilful mutilation” and “not ever wanting to see that again.” (I made sure he didn’t!) Excessive piercings weren’t very common those days, and navel rings (or eyebrow piercings) were considered mainstream and sexy.

Funny how life works. As a former piercée, I shudder when I think about these “modern” piercings. Today, when I look at my navel, I see the faint scar left behind by the piercing I removed nearly 12 years ago. I’m glad I had that experience.

I’m also glad it’s over.

June 23, 2010