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Recently while driving out of work I noticed a patch of sunflowers I’d never seen before. It threw me because I’ve worked in the same place for more years than I care to admit and I hadn’t seen it before. The sunflowers stand tall but sparse in the garden, their heavy heads ladened by the bright crown of yellow petals they carry.

How many obvious or subtle things of beauty do I miss everyday? Who took the time to make this small garden at the edge of this busy industrial zone to plant sunflowers?

I drive past them from the east and notice their heads bent, silently acknowledging the start of our day with the rising sun. As I head home at the close of the day, they face west, saluting me as I drive past.

It is a quiet comfort to see them standing tall amidst the concrete and dust. They are resilient against the noise from the roaring trucks, and the dry heat which emanates from the colorless asphalt.

I shall miss these flowers when they are gone. 

I left a note beside the sunflowers, thanking the anonymous gardener for his effort.

I hope he finds it. His flowers make me smile.

August 4, 2010