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An otherwise conservative, preppy and quiet coworker suggested I invest in a stripper pole. She quietly says this after I mentioned how a recent purchase of red pumps left me feeling empowered and feminine. Sometimes people do more than surprise you; they knock you off your feet.

She says: “Get a stripper pole. Your husband won’t know what hit him, even if you don’t know one iota about stripper poles or strip dancing. Trust me. Oh, make sure you have a few drinks before you get started.” 

Bear with me on this one. So, it turns out one can buy the aforementioned stripper pole just about anywhere lingerie is sold, including amazon.com! A brief and discreet internet search will confirm this.

I don’t know where to begin. I am definitely not a puritan but while the notion of a stripper pole strikes me as hilarious and absurd; I bet my there are plenty of husbands out there fervently praying their wives will get this absurdly laughable toy for their bedroom.

Here’s the thing, even if the pole doesn’t work out for you, an ambitious husband can reuse it as a pull-up bar — you know, to work on his physique.  

September 7, 2010