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Guest post from our friends, the Trujillo family:


On Sunday morning Tayler decided she wanted to put a lemonade stand in our front yard. She sent us off with a list of ingredients needed for her stand: lemonade mix, ice, a pitcher, cups, napkins, and real lemons for decoration. She also wanted little snacks so we bought candied corn.

In the garage she found arts & crafts for marketing: a white piece of cardboard and markers.  Armed with a colorful lemonade sign, towels, tea table and chairs, she set up camp for the day. The neighbors were a joy- they stopped by the stand, bought lemonade and chatted for a few minutes. Some even parked their cars on the street and while others drove by.

Several hours later (and her face still glowing!), she told us this was the best day of her life. . She made $5 in four hours.  What a great day for a budding entrepreneur!

October 1, 2010