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by Zoran Milich /Stone via Getty Images

We finally decided to put to good use the flying acrobatics and stunts Twin B improvises on the fly around our house. She’s prone to tip toeing the narrowest edges without fear or remorse each time we yell, “get down from there before you fall and break your head!”

It turns out there is such a place for kids just like her. After discarding the idea of Cirque du Soleil or a runaway circus,  we found solace at a facility near our house for budding gymnasts.  As my husband and I held our collective breath,  her coach, on the very first day, bent her lithe sinewy body on the parallel bars, taught her how to flip mid-air on a trampoline, and had her walk a balance beam.

As we made our way out the coach took us aside and enthusiastically stated he spotted in her great potential. Those small words of encouragement were all Bela Karolyi  Blas needed to convert our yard into a small gym. Two days later he and Twin B built a balance beam in our backyard. She uses it every day.


Behind every great athlete there is an equally amazing father.

October 7, 2010