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A few days ago I left Maya and Ryder alone downstairs watching cartoons as I showered.  Maya, who as of late, has developed a penchant for building tables, food trays, and drum sets out of cardboard, duct tape, and string stated she was going to build a chair for her little brother. 

Ten minutes later Ryder storms into my shower and incoherently states his sister won’t share her tools with him. “What tools?” I asked as I walked down the stairs. I then found Maya hacking away at a 2×4 piece of wood she had stashed during the  balance beam project. I came upon her as she stood, legs apart, the cleaver raised above her head, ready to take aim at the wood on my coffee table. I quickly retrieved what can only be described as the MOST DANGEROUS KITCHEN UTENSIL and hysterically explained to them the danger of the cleaver. And that is when I noticed a variety of knives, hammers and scissors on the tables. She had first attempted to cut the wood with scissors and knives before taking out the cleaver to complete the task.

I calmed down and issued a directive (I am incredibly talented at issuing proclamations) that no construction projects are allowed unless an adult is present.

Mostly, I am relieved my coffee table is unharmed. Well, and that the kids are ok, of course.

I’m still reeling from the shock. We believe she fancies herself an apprentice on Extreme Home Makeover.

 October 19, 2010