Last night I lost control of my father’s electric scooter. It was unfortunate, but thankfully, no one was injured.

The unit was empty, I stood beside it, and carefully began to steer it nearer to my father. I didn’t know the scooter was open full throttle, meaning my father had it set to its maximum speed. So, when I pressed the lever, it unexpectedly shot out toward a bench where a girl sat beside her mother and sister, eating a hotdog.

What ensued confirms my assertion that I am not the “overly excitable person” my husband would have you believe. When the scooter hit the bench, I managed to get the child out-of-the-way. The scooter hit and bounced off the bench. The child looked on, unperturbed.

However, the mother, screamed and whisked her daughter into her arms. She screamed and screamed so loudly, and for such an inordinately prolonged amount of time, a few passersby gathered around her. My embarrassed apologies soon became feeble and unheard.

Her husband attempted to calm her, but she remained hysterical while her daughters drank their water and finished their hotdogs.

We left when it was evident she was inconsolable.

On the one hand this mishap proves there are others who really do overreact — check one for me. But it does sustain B’s argument that I am an erratic driver — check one for him.