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Sometimes people put great distances between each other because being together is harder than being apart. Other times, trenches of unbearable depth can be dug even in the same city, or worse, under the same roof. It happens in the best of families and it also happens in the worst of families. Sometimes it happens when you are too young to understand, but, sometimes it also happens when you are old enough to know better. 

Then, when these great divides are crossed and the common denominator that binds all humans together is recaptured, these distances are too hard to bear and unthinkable.

A few weeks ago I had a great opportunity to see loved ones I hadn’t seen in some time. Reconnecting was easy and the evidence of our shared heritage was plain to see. The shared history is visible in our hands, the shape of our eyes, our sense of humor.

It brought to mind a line from Sting’s I was bought to my senses where he wrote: “Inside every turning leaf is the pattern of an older tree/The shape of our future, the shape of all our history.”

The ties that bind us can never truly be severed.

I hope you are surrounded by all of your loved ones on Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Thanksgiving!