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I wish I had an ounce of Martha Stewart’s creative capacity, but, where I lack inspiration and instinct, I make up in ideas. I readily admit these so-called ideas are not always good ideas, but, I’d like to think they have some degree of merit.

Anyway, one of the twins, Maya, has the patience of Job, so it occurred to me she might enjoy stitching and sewing and all the other domesticated arts I secretly admire. I asked Sophie to stitch a patch alongside her sister, but she looked at me with such incredulity, I thought perhaps she thought I was insane.

Maya sat down and gave it a whirl. I guess my instructions were inadequate because twice she asked for the instruction manual to get both a clear visual and exact written instructions on how to correctly sew and stitch. After her second request, I thought it over and handed over the manual, the spool, and the rhinestones. You see? My authority was swiftly usurped in less than a half hour.

I sat beside Maya as she muttered and worked. I wanted to reach over and help her, give her a hint or two, but she was so vested in her project, I let it be. I looked around and spotted Sophie standing in a prickly hedge, carefully turning every leaf, in search for ladybugs. Oh lovely Sophie! Your heart and mind are always filled with soft clouds and pretty dreams.

Unquestionably true: Our children are reflections of ourselves — in our case, the dreamer and the pragmatist.