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I found this great image and it brought to mind the streets of Paris B and I visited long ago. In fact, 10 years ago.

This month we are celebrating 10 years of marriage and I have to say I feel mostly disbelief at how quickly time passes. Who knew either one of us could commit to anything this long? Alas, we have. And as it turns out, we are happily in it for the long haul.

During our honeymoon I dragged B through the streets of Paris, oohing and aahing over every door, balcony, and cobbled stone street I saw. The language barrier and the wicked hangover he still harbored from our wedding somehow morphed into flu-like symptoms accompanied by a ferociously bad mood I could neither temper with medicine or distract with the sights. After several days traipsing with my somewhat recalcitrant hubby in and out of museums, cathedrals and restaurants, we hopped on a train bound for Holland.

There, he experienced a miraculous improvement in his health and mental outlook. Looking back, I’d say the herbal cafes, the Heineken factory and the Red Light District may have had something to do with it.