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This is our 200th post and I am happy to mark it by writing about family.

Despite growing up in a family where we were many in numbers, the truth is that at our core we were a nuclear family — a family of three. Most of my siblings were much older than me when I was a little kid, and at the time, age and distance seemed too difficult to bridge. Life and its complexities made it harder to nurture those relationships. Instead, I forged those bonds with friends, in fact, the very ones that helped launch this site.

Today, as B and I raise our three scoundrels children, I am heartened by the firm belief they will never do life alone. They will always have each other, no matter what life throws at them. Regardless of how they at times can barely tolerate one another, at their core, they are family, there is kinship in their thievehood, and at the end of the day, they are a pack — with a rotating alpha.

Here are our three children: Maya, guided in life with moral clarity and tenacity — even in her sleep, despite her closed eyes, she glares at my intrusion. Sophia, spiritual, calm and unnervingly beguiling — sleeps soundly, as a leaf would carried in a stream. Ryder, so obstinate, so determined, so entitled — he can tear a hole right through you, and quickly mend it with a smile. I forget how young and tender he is, in his sleep, safety is found beside his sisters. 

There are many things we can give our children, but it seems to me one of the most valuable things B and I can endow them with is the love of family, and the knowledge they are safe, respected and adored beneath its warm shelter.