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Life is interesting. When B was a young man, his father did not give him a trust fund or the keys to a shiny new car. Instead, he gave him carpentry tools, and reminded him that every worthy man must have an honest trade. It’s been over 20 years since that conversation, and to date, B uses those tools and still lives by that mantra.

One of the tools B received that day was a circular hand saw. That saw was used this past weekend to build Jack a new home. Jack did not need any coaxing to get him in his dog house. In fact, we had to beg him to pop his head out just to get this picture.


The things we build with faith — be it, a family or a dog house — endure. I’m sure our children won’t forget their day spent learning and working side-by-side their father. They sawed, nailed, and painted their way through the afternoon.

These memories, much like the wood and nails used this weekend, make us feel strong, safe and unbreakable.

B, our benevolent builder, and his three eager apprentices.