This past week Maya earned her first “rip” in gymnastics. Though this certainly isn’t the first time she’s hurt herself, she marks this particular injury as a rite of passage. And she’s proud. She’s very proud.

A “rip” is a large blister on the palm of a hand — beginners yearn for a rip because it marks their transition from rookie to seasoned gymnast. Gymnasts get it after arduous and repetitive practice on the uneven parallel bars.

Maya just transitioned to Level 5 training, and her compulsory bars  routine now includes the higher bar. This “first rip” means she has to get “grips.” Getting grips means she can strut her stuff around like a big shot — which she already does — but, it gives her street credit among her peers.

B got his kicks fashioning “grips” for Maya’s injured hand. Under the scrutiny of Maya’s watchful eyes, he bandaged her hand using lots and lots of medical tape.

They were quite pleased with the result. ♥