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We recently visited Wynwood, an emerging street- art district which borders downtown Miami, between 1-95 and Biscayne Boulevard, and is nestled between 20th and 36th street, just south of the Miami Design District.

Ten years ago Wynwood was a ruined neighborhood, filled with vacant lots, un-rentable spaces, vagrancy and drugs. Today, the area is rehabilitated and the only vestiges of its previous life are the wildly inventive graffiti which still cover these abandoned buildings and streets.  This art is a cause célèbre for this sprouting urban hamlet.

Now, small cafés, studios, graffiti museums, and monthly art walks are breathing life back to this neighborhood. Below are images of the eclectic art we saw while at Wynwood. Please note that at least 90% of these murals are well over 10′  tall and many take up the entire widths of buildings.

A section of these images were taken in an abandoned, roof-less warehouse with walls that exceeded 30′ high. That particular building was enclosed in barbed wire that had been bent back by trespassers. Predictably, B climbed right through the “No Trespass” fence with our 3 little ones in tow. I followed, armed with cellphone, pre-dialed to 911, just in case…

It wasn’t necessary to call anyone. In fact, when we made it into the graffiti covered building, a modeling shoot was underway. We were mesmerized by the filtering light, the shadows, the echo, and the masterful street-art, hidden in this condemned building.  

Enjoy these. Here are some of our favorites:

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Wynwood hosts an art walk the second Saturday of every month. Check it out!