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photoMaya at 1 am.

A few days ago the twins turned 10, and it is safe to say they are deeply entrenched in their tweenhood. I am relieved to report that B and I survived the first 10 years of their lives, so it is safe to assume we will be able to navigate the next 10 years unscathe — our marriage is intact, the girls are thriving, and as of yet, no one has sought therapy … though that last one remains to be seen.

To celebrate their decennial, we decided to invite their closest friends for a surprise slumber party. To accommodate 14 amped-up tweens,  B made tiny tents of wood and covered them with translucent white and pink cloth. Each tent was lit with twinkling Christmas lights, which made their sleeping area feel warm and cozy.


This cozy little area became a war zone sometime around 11 pm and it wasn’t until 4:30 am a cease-fire was finally negotiated. They did enough “Harlem shake” videos to shut YouTube down and sang enough Taylor Swift/One Direction/Justin Bieber songs to make me want to tear my hair out by the roots. They ate pizza for breakfast (and ignored my neatly served cereal) and had popsicles right after. They were perky and refreshed despite hardly sleeping a wink … I felt wickedly hung over and sore as though I’d just plowed a field while drinking moonshine. 

Part of my recovery has included listening to an 80s-only, U2 compilation cd. And a strict gag order.  

They grow up so fast…

I hope they never forget their 10th birthday.