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By far, my favorite thing about our house is our flowering yellow tree. It grants us its blossoms only in April and only for two weeks. The best thing about it is that it officially signals the start of spring, and its first bloom always coincides with Maya and Sophie’s birthday.


So, for two special weeks, it seems as though an army of elves dropped their golden trumpets on our lawn and scurried away. The tree sheds its flowers in a fluffy yellow blanket on the grass, and it quickly regenerates. The contrast of the gold and the green is so beautiful that none of us can resist sitting on the grass and admiring the tree. Unquestionably, this piece of nature has given me more joy than I can rightly say.

yellow maya

This Sunday, our children, along with their friends, climbed its trunk and they nestled high in its branches.  For one full day, they used their imagination to play the old-fashioned way: rode bikes, fell off skate boards, conducted science experiments, chased lizards, picnicked, and devised intricate games whose rules no one understood.


Soon my yellow tree will stop blooming, and I’ll miss it … my token of good tidings.

Our token of good tidings.