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Exactly how long does the tooth fairy shtick last?


Maya was pretty torn up about losing her tooth and swallowing it. She worried this mishap would exempt her from a fairy visit, so she explained it in a letter. A detailed letter. Said letter moved the tooth fairy to leave behind $5. To which she said this morning, “Wow! Last time I lost a tooth I got .50 cents!” She took her fiver and put it in her piggy bank. She has the sensibilities of a very cautious and conservative accountant — I am certain one of these days we will find a ledger filled with her neatly handwritten entries.


Along those lines, Ryder also swallowed a tooth. What are the chances of that happening twice? We scraped together what coins we had and placed them under his pillow. Ryder plans to buy a car with his money.

I like the fact two of my kids still believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus. That’s the illusory magic of childhood, and it’s beautiful.

With that said, around our house, teeth are falling out at a steady pace. And from what I hear, even the tooth fairy is in a recession.