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bad idea

Hate to admit it but our 20s and 30s are long gone. So far gone – in fact – we can’t see those years in our rear view mirrors. But, despite that universal truth, now and then we yearn for those late nights of drinking, carousing, and dancing. We cling to those days because we were fearless, wild, and hopeful. And misguided.

These days I get a my kicks reminiscing, not reliving. A glass or two of wine can take me a long way, and the best part of it? I can do it from home. Recently, a quiet “date night” turned into an unintentional night of drinking, carousing, and dancing. Our men told tall tales, drank beyond their limits, and had a jolly great time of it until the following morning — at the pumpkin patch. A mere few hours after reliving his glory days, my battered husband kept a promise, and escorted the kids through a local pumpkin patch. With the sun beating on his brow, he dutifully helped them choose and decorate their pumpkins.

bad idea1
bad idea2 pumpkin2013a pumpkin2013

Ah!, the joys of parenthood, our 40s … oh glorious middle age 🙂