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For this I am grateful:

1) He’s clumsy but skillful:  he can maneuver a 50 mph go-cart on a hairpin turn, yet consistently trip over his own feet. It confounds us.

2) He’s a bull in a china closet, and he’s a maniac with no filter. With me, he’s gentle and protective.

3) He still can’t tie his shoelaces. I take comfort in the knowledge that I don’t know one single adult male who can’t tie his shoelaces. There’s hope for him yet.

4) He can ask the same question at least 10 different ways. He has mastered the art of rephrasing. It’s infuriating and admirable.

5) He is viewed as a pestilence by his sisters — I am hopeful that in time, that too will change.

Ryder, adored by his mother and father, is now 8
Happy Birthday Son