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Every year the twins write their wish list letters to Santa, and every year I’m at a loss as to how to fill their lists. Just last year Maya asked for a unicorn and Sophie asked for her own personal turtle-dove. Ryder, however, dispenses with absurdities. He “orders” bikes, toy cars, and batteries for said toys.

This year the twins have become more practical with their requests: they want new bikes, phones, leotards, and shoes. Can’t say the same for Ryder, who appears to believe Santa is in charge of the Apple factory. He has asked for just about every device they manufacture. In fact, his letter includes a humorous amount of groveling and flattery to Santa.


I suspect Sophie, who is 10, has a good hunch Santa isn’t real, but we think she is hedging her bets “just in case.” Maya and Ryder, on the other hand, fully believe the fantasy. B & I often discuss whether it is time to tell the kids the truth about Santa. B argues in favor — he doesn’t want the kids to be ridiculed for believing. I, however,  prefer to prolong the fantasy until they age out of it.

What do you think? Is there a specific age when kids should stop believing?