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2014 flight

Maya and B flew to Texas this past weekend for her first gymnastics out-of-state meet, the WOGA Classic. This academic year she’s traveled to 5 different meets, and she still has quite a bit left of travel before her season ends.

I don’t know how kids her age have the capacity to keep their cool and perform under pressure — whether it be gymnastics, theater or music. Who knows where this road will take Maya, but this process, while arduous and challenging, has yielded so much already.

2014 maya texas

In the interim, as parents, we sit on the bleachers, the sidelines and the auditoriums, with our hearts on our sleeves and scared, but mostly, proud as hell of our kids

2014 woga








With Valeri Luikin, father and coach to 2008 Olympic champion Nastia Liukin, and WOGA organizer.