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I used to think I had pull with the man of the house. Then twin A and twin B showed up. And slowly, the scales shifted and I found myself standing in line. I became a verifiable second-rate citizen in our home: a sous-chef, taxi driver, private tutor, personal servant, and social secretary of sorts. But that’s ok. Blas’s transformation is far more dramatic: his place shifted from top dog to house pet.


This particular 53 pound little girl has her father willingly eating out of the palm of her hand. At her request, he donned his professorial suit jacket and wedding tie — two articles of clothing he loathes — to help her with her chemistry homework.

2014chem2The truth is he’d do anything for his girls. That includes giving up the remote control, chewing off his left arm, and giving up chocolate milk at their behest.

If I could harness the power these little girls have over him, think of all the things I could get done! The possibilities are endless 🙂