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Major misstep after I gave the hairdresser free rein with my hair make-over. I’ve had the same hair style since, well, forever. I’d read somewhere —  and this has stayed with me ever since — that the appropriate length for women of a certain age should not be longer than shoulder length.

I don’t know why I take that as gospel but my hair was well past my shoulders, in fact, it grazed my lower back, and that’s just plain ridiculously long. So, without thinking it through, I asked the hair dresser, who I’ve known at least 3 years, to “update” my hair without chopping it all off.

She did. Except her update is more like a retro-fit. In the process of giving me a new look, she took about 6 inches off, layered it and put so many waves in it that now my hair bobs on its own even when I’m perfectly still. Thirty hours later and my hair is still cheerfully wavy, in an updated-bouffant type of way. I can’t bear myself. My family can’t stop looking at my head.

I need Jordache jeans, blue eye shadow and shoulder pads to complete my unintended retro-80s-really-big-hair-mommy makeover.

So much for free rein.