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In her purse you are likely to find anything from a carburetor to a medicine cabinet. She knows every word to every song 2 Live Crew ever rapped between 1990 and 1995, her hands are always perfectly manicured, and she can out-power walk just about anyone while carrying 40 pounds of sundry items in her purse. I suspect she’s received Navy Seal hand-to-hand combat training, so do not mess with her latte. Oh, and best of all? She is the daughter of a lighthouse keeper!

Inadvertently, or perhaps on purpose, she and her husband whipped Blas and I into shape during our vacation. We had no choice but to keep up or get left behind. B and I have concluded they hold taxis and other forms of common transportation in contempt. I’m not sure why.

Each and every day I prepared for leisurely strolls, yet somehow I ended up traversing vast distances — in one case, 18 perfect miles. I’m certain Blas and I both lost weight during our vacation.


Their wonderful daughters are also seasoned power walkers. Their littlest is a clever whippet of a girl who matched our son Ryder head-to-toe in all their games. Their eldest, one of our daughters’ dearest friends, is just as pretty in the inside as she is on the outside.

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Great people. Great Friends. I highly recommend them … if you can keep up with them 🙂