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maine cobble

In memory of the beautiful Maine coastline, I took a small round pebble; B, however, filled a Nike bag with rocks.

As we checked our baggage on our return from Portland, Maine, the Delta Airlines clerk stated one of my bags weighed 91 lbs. It was 21 pounds over the allowed weight limit. I had to either get a new bag, throw away things, or redistribute the weight in all our luggage to avoid the extra $200 fee. Sure we picked up a few things along the way during our trip, but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why we had such excess weight.

Thankfully Portland International Jetport is a slow airport (by South Florida standards) and no one was standing in line behind us. I started the process of opening all of our bags and redistributing all of our things to make the weight limit. After 30 minutes of inventive redistribution, we made the cut and didn’t pay any overage fees. But still, I couldn’t figure out the excess weight issue.

Once home, I found the culprit. In passing, I’d mentioned to B that I wanted to make a lamp out of the rocks we’d seen on the beaches near Portland Head Light. I didn’t realize it but he picked up several rocks (a bag full) and stuffed them into our suitcase. Hence, the excess weight.

I still carry my pebble in my pocket. It’s round, smooth and small. Dry, it is gray with a white stripe. Wet, it’s a shade of pink, gray and white. It’s a reminder of the cobble beaches, the quiet surf, and the age-old lighthouses, vigilant in the distance.

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