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Some of the things I hope to someday do:

1) Learn origami. Everything about this art form is enchanting and delicate. Perfectly magical.



2) Visit Ireland. I specifically wish to someday do a bike tour of the coastline. I hope to walk along the Cliffs of Moher with my old Leica camera. I bet I can take better pictures with that Leica than Blas with his newfangled GoPro.


3) Learn Sign Language. There’s something exceptionally graceful about sign language. There’s poetry in the quiet gestures of a person signing. Simply beautiful.


4) Write a book. Ah, that’s truly a dream. A real undertaking reserved for the sonorous voice, the powerful story, and the string of pearls which binds it all together.


Un vrai rêve.

5) Kids graduate college. Who knows what paths our children will follow, but it is our strongest desire each will walk across a stage someday with a degree in hand. To these we are fully committed: a magical childhood, a loving home, a meal each and every day, some sort of moral guidance, and a complete education. (We hope to muster at least three of these.)


6) Canine companion.  Ajax was my faithful companion for nearly 14 years. When he died I never thought I could ever have a dog again. It’s been 5 years since his last day, and though I never thought it possible, I think I am meant to have a dog again 🙂