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by Nada Stankova via Getty images

This is specifically for those of you who made it look easy. Those of you that made child birthing and child rearing appear to be the most fulfilling experience of all, bar none. You served the Kool-Aid and we willingly drank it, and the irony of it all is that we asked for more, and then some more again.

The first ones in our inner sanctum, the ones who reproduced first, made the business of starting a family seem like the natural progression of things. Get married, start a family, buy a bigger house — more or less in that order.  Those of us who listened, those of us who paid attention — please note WE ARE ALL SERIOUSLY RETHINKING OUR CHOICES.

The kicker? Even after drinking the punch and acknowledging the duplicity on a daily basis (and in some cases, hourly basis), we all surrender to the fact that we wouldn’t change one single damn thing. Not one solitary thing.

Not the sleepless nights, the midnight runs to the hospital, the vomit on our blouses, or the certainty that we are doing it all wrong. Parenting is messy, imperfect, thankless. We invest all of our precious resources: time, money, emotions without any guarantee on the investment. From a fiscal perspective, that’s very risky behavior.

It doesn’t matter anyway. The fundamental truth of it all is that one good moment with a child can absolutely eclipse 1000 bad ones. My son’s hand in mine or our daughters’ wide-eyed grins make every single step of this frenzied journey worthwhile.

At least that’s what I think every single time I find myself wondering what the hell this is all for. I’m telling you, we’ve all been hoodwinked. Every single last one of us.